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Brentwood DHL: Express Shipping

Shipping stuff internationally can be a bit challenging. Depending on the country, there are different rules and regulations put in place for shipments that come from all over the world. Getting to know and understand these rules is vital to enable error-free and smooth shipment. DHL Express has been offering international shipping services since 1969 and that’s why it’s the largest international shipping company in the world, whereby it delivers millions of shipments in over 220 countries.

Brentwood DHL

Brentwood Mailbox is a DHL Service Point Partner and is recognized by DHL Express as the experts of international shipping in Los Angeles, within California. Staff members working at Brentwood Mailbox Center have received the relevant training related to the rules, regulations, customs, restrictions, documentation, as well as the options of delivery to all the countries DHL serves. That’s why you can trust, without any fears that all your valuables together with sensitive international shipments will reach your hands intact and on time, free of any surprises.

Brentwood Mailbox Center being a Service Point Partner of DHL, gives you convenient access, and with ease, to the largest international shipping network in the world, and all this is done at an affordable rate.

Brentwood Mailbox Center Helps with the following aspects of your international shipping needs:
International packaging standards and materials
International declared value protection
Documents for international shipping – such as airway bills, custom documents, commercial and pro forma invoices, and proof of value
Electronic Export Information
Insurance for international package

Remember at Brentwood DHL Mailbox Center we are experts in packaging and shipping, so bring your valuable, delicate, and time-sensitive items. We have all kinds of shipping boxes, for almost anything, and we’ll pack your thing well to make sure they arrive at the destination in perfect condition. You can call Brentwood DHL for any questions you may have related to DHL express international shipping.